Welcome! Are you ready for some Marketing help?

Digital Marketing Strategist Colleen Murphy PhotoI’m Colleen, and I am passionate about helping business owners like YOU improve their online presence using Digital Marketing practices.

I want to be your Marketing & Technology Partner, not just your Contractor.

Whether you’re a Freelancer/Contractor (like me!) or a Business with 15-40 employees – I can help with your Online Presence.

Digital Marketing is a broad term that includes various techniques a company can use to reach a wide audience of visitors and customers and often requires a fairly large skillset.  Luckily, I have you covered!

I am at an advanced level for many of the skills required, including those listed below:

How my marketing specialties are perfect for you:

  • Online Advertising – grow your bottom line
  • Email Marketing – grow your customer base and engage to increase sales/service opportunities
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – get found online
  • Local SEO & Reputation Management – build credibility with your local audience
  • Content Research and Creation – provide more information for website visitors and build conversions
  • Social Media Marketing (Paid and Organic) – grow your bottom line and build your customer base by reaching people where they are
  • Website Maintenance &/or Updates – keep your website & visitors safe from hackers
  • Website Analysis & Analytics Reporting – learn how current & prospective customers use your website
  • Data Organization using Google Drive and/or Dropbox – stay organized

Digital Marketing is NOT a one-size-fits-all experience; thus, providing a price without a conversation seems unfair to you.  I can guarantee, though, that you and your company will benefit from my guidance.

I do this in a way that takes the mystery out of the technology and doesn’t cost your company the entire operating budget.

Not sure where to begin? 
Contact me and we will work together to design the best solution for you.

Want to work together or DIY?
That would be great!  Let me know what you envision, and we will come up with a Digital Marketing solution that fits your needs.

What if you have no desire to be involved, but just want things to “work?”
I can do that too!  Let’s talk about your vision (or your board’s vision) and I’ll take it from there.

What about one-off editing, consulting, and coaching?  I do that too:

  • Take a look at what I’ve done for my Consulting Clients.
  • Need another set of eyes? I can take the pressure off as I assist with content and user experience editing (blogs, academic work, websites, business and marketing plans, and more).
  • Are you an aspiring blogger? Do you need someone to help get your BLOG site up and running? Let’s set up a session or two, and I’ll show you the basics without completely overwhelming you with information! If you want to know more, I’m available for that too – we can set up as many one-on-one sessions as you would like.

Let’s team up to determine your goals and budget, and then we can work out the digital solution that fits these criteria best.

Why is a Digital Marketing Strategy important?  Because it…

  • provides direction and clarifies your digital marketing goals (how you want to get discovered online and why).
  • helps you understand your digital market share, and helps identify what share your competition is attracting.
  • guides you in how to differentiate your business from the competition.
  • assists in increasing your online value proposition by encouraging existing and engaging new customers.
  • saves money by avoiding duplication and extra work by automating processes and using online tools.
  • optimizes your online reach by improving the website user experience as well as email and social media marketing channels.

Above all, I’d like to build a relationship with you as my client.  Let me see how I can help you “get found” in search engines, improve your website, get those social media platforms set up, or just keep track of all the spinning plates.