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I am a professional freelancer with a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Management with an emphasis on Marketing. While attending college, I found I have a flair for writing – a passion, really. I decided to pursue this passion in combination with the technical aspects of Marketing. As a highly motivated, tech-savvy professional, I have experience in supporting small businesses and nonprofits with traditional and internet marketing. This includes Newsletters, Social Networking, Email Marketing, Website Content, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Web Analytics. In my spare time, I enjoy the Colorado outdoors by hiking, biking, skiing, snowshoeing, walking, running, and being with family and friends. I enjoy craft beer (brewing AND drinking), and will be trying my hand at creating some interesting Melomel concoctions very soon.

5 Tips for Using Online Ads on a Tight Budget

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Negative Online Reviews: The Do’s and Don’ts of Damage Control

If you own a business, chances are you’ve gotten an online negative review at some point. It’s unfortunate, but it happens to even the best businesses out there. The important thing is how you handle it. Responding to negative feedback in a positive, professional manner can actually improve your reputation and show potential customers that… Read More »

Improve Your Local SEO & Reputation Management – 3 Simple, Effective Techniques

As a small business owner, you know that word-of-mouth can be the best form of marketing. And in the digital age, online reviews have taken the place of face-to-face conversation when it comes to reputation management. But what about local SEO? Here are three simple but effective techniques for improving your local SEO while monitoring… Read More »