Digital Marketing Solutions

I can take the mystery out of Digital Marketing by explaining the various channels and options in a way that is easy to understand by providing digital marketing solutions.

Just remember:  Digital marketing is NOT a one-size-fits-all experience.

And remember:  If there is something you need that you don’t see listed, I DO provide training, consulting, and coaching, too!

Service List:

Hourly Digital Marketing Consulting & Assistance: This hourly rate option allows for one-off assistance, one-on-one sessions and training, and other services.

Email Marketing:  This option is an hourly charge, since the total amount will depend on need. Options include: email service set-up, data import from .csv or Excel file, email campaign content set-up and scheduling (including proper coding for analytics), and data reporting regarding engagement following email campaign(s).

D-I-Y SEO Package – One-on-one Training Session:  This two-hour minimum session can include: a demonstration of how to review your own site for SEO optimization, keyword research, Google Analytics overview, and/or social media overview (more time may be added, depending on needs).

Google Solutions Set-up Package (Google Business Tools): In order to improve, maintain, and track SEO status and site engagement, this package includes basic Google My Business, Webmaster Tools, and Analytics account setup (including one analytics dashboard), and 2 one-on-one sessions to get you up-and-running with these Google Solutions. Bing Webmaster Tools may be added for an additional fee.

SEO Lite PackageReview & Report with Consultation:  This full site review and report includes an audit and analysis of the website’s front-end (user-view), back-end (code view), and off-site presence in comparison to SEO best practices. Consultation includes results of audit with suggestions regarding how to improve internet presence and ranking.

SEO Full PackageSite Optimization:  This full package includes the above SEO Lite Package, as well as the setup of the Google Business tools (outlined above) and Bing Webmaster tools. A full report outlining suggestions for keywords, page title, alt text, and outgoing link optimization strategies, and other site code change suggestions in order to meet SEO standards will be provided. If appropriate, social media and local SEO optimization strategies will also be suggested.

Hands-on Site Editing (add-on):  After completion of either the above SEO Lite OR Full SEO Package, this add-on includes hands-on updating of site code in order to meet standards based on the provided results. Includes testing and re-review.

Website Maintenance Package:  This package includes keeping your website “fresh” in the eyes of search engines, updating plugins/themes, and ensuring you meet the basic compliance requirements for a Privacy Policy.  If you need a page or two added, or significant revisions, we CAN include this as part of this monthly package.

Social Media Marketing (hourly rates OR packages available):  To increase your overall SEO strength, I can help you use social media to build relationships with current and potential clients.  This will boost your social engagement, and increase your reach.  I will get you started with a social media strategy (with an hourly-rate contract on an as-needed basis), and you can take it from there.  Alternatively, after creating a package that meets your needs, I can keep your social presence current and engaging.

Online Advertising (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram):  Tailored to your business needs, this package includes Conversion Tracking Code setup, Audience and Keyword Research, a Content Spreadsheet, Ad Campaign setup, and monitoring. To make the most of each platforms’ “learning,” I suggest a minimum of 3 months’ Ads.

Contact me today, and let’s get started on some Digital Marketing Solutions for you!