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Software Developer 1POSM Software

Company Overview
Pipeline Observation System Management (POSM) Software is a small, family-owned Software Development company based in Mansfield, Ohio.  This ‘niche” company created, and now manages, software that enhances the data-collecting and mapping capacities of camera crawlers to find maintenance issues in sewers, storm drains, manholes, wells, and pipelines.

My Role:

Since March 2019, I have provided POSM Software employees with comprehensive Digital Marketing training and Consultation for Google and Facebook Advertising, Organic Social Media Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization.  I provide periodic SEO Site Audits and make suggestions for changes to the website to enhance their SEO and improve their overall reach.

Client Successes Include:

  • 1 employee has been trained on Google Advertising – best practices through Ad-Focused Content Creation.
  • 1 employee has been trained on Facebook Advertising Content Creation and Organic Social Media best practices
  • 3 employees have been trained on Search Engine Optimization Best Practices and Keyword Optimization for Advertising and SEO.
  • Facebook followers have increased by 43%.
  • Since March 2019, POSM’s overall SERP ranking has improved by 23%.


  • Google Ads
  • Facebook (Meta) Ads via Business Manager
  • Organic Facebook (Meta) Business Suite
  • Joomla*
  • Google Search Console
  • Bing Webmaster Tools

*I work with a Web Developer to assist with needed changes outside the scope of training/consultation sessions.